Every Member of Bonnie Crombie’s Hand-Picked Committee Supports a Carbon Tax

Every single member of Bonnie Crombie’s hand-picked committee is on the record supporting a carbon tax. Voters won’t be fooled.

  • As a Toronto councillor, Mary-Margaret McMahon pushed city council to ask the federal Liberals to hike the carbon tax every single year.
  • Kathleen Wynne’s environment minister Chris Ballard helped design the Liberals’ multi-billion dollar cap-and-trade carbon tax, which raised the cost of everything from gas to groceries.
  • Cherise Burda was “excited” to be one of the first supporters of the Ontario Liberals’ disastrous cap-and-trade carbon tax and she’s supported new taxes and fees on Ontario families ever since.
  • Before being voted out by rural voters, former McGuinty agriculture minister Carol Mitchell wanted to impose a carbon tax on farmers.
  • Vince Gasparro not only backed the Liberals’ cap-and-trade carbon tax, he pushed to expand it to every province in Canada.
  • Kathryn Bakos is on the record saying that she believes you have to tax people as part of any climate change plan.

Queen of the Carbon Tax Bonnie Crombie isn’t fooling anyone.

  • As a Liberal MP, Crombie was one of the first people in Canada to back one of the most extreme carbon taxes ever proposed.
  • Crombie is one of the only provincial Liberal leaders left in Canada who won’t speak out against the federal carbon tax hike. She continues to support the Trudeau government carbon tax every step of the way.
  • Under Crombie’s leadership, Liberal MPPs voted to deny Ontario taxpayers the chance to block future carbon taxes. They voted against cutting the gas tax every single time.
  • As mayor, Crombie raised property taxes every single year.

No matter what Crombie and her hand-picked committee say, their records speak for themselves.

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