Paul Nguyen


Humber River–Black Creek

Nguyen is an award-winning activist and filmmaker from Toronto’s Jane-Finch area. In 2004, he created, to help break the negative stereotypes about the community. Before long, his grassroots project became a national success story. Nguyen is passionate about raising awareness for social justice and human rights issues, receiving recognition for his podcasts and stories in the ethnic media. His impact is recognized by political and community leaders across Canada.

“I’m proud to be nominated as the Ontario PC Party candidate for the great riding of Humber River–Black Creek, under the leadership of Premier Doug Ford,” said Nguyen. “This riding has unique needs that require unique solutions and deserves a seat at the government table when crucial decisions are made about our future. As your representative in Government, we can realize the fullest potential of our community and ensure our needs are a top priority.”

Additionally, Nguyen has received an array of accolades for his advocacy around boosting neighbourhood morale, promoting diversity, mentoring youth and raising awareness about mental health, including the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal from the Prime Minister and Governor General for fighting stereotypes and acting as a role model and mentor for at-risk youth.