Randy Pettapiece



Randy Pettapiece is a trusted voice for our communities, interests, and values. When his constituents have a problem, they know they can count on him.

As Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Randy puts his agriculture background to good use.

Randy twice won all-party support for the Rea and Walter Act – a bill to improve firefighter safety by identifying buildings using truss and lightweight construction. He also worked to secure all-party support to bridge the rural-urban divide; to bring fairness in infrastructure funding; and to reform the municipal insurance system. Randy has delivered for local long-term care homes; rural health care services; and the tourism and small business sectors.

Before his first election to Queen’s Park in 2011, Randy was an elected councillor in the Municipality of North Perth. Randy and his wife, Jane, live in Listowel. They are proud parents and grandparents.