Leaderless Liberals Vow to Turn the Clock Back to Costly and Damaging Policies

October 24, 2023


TORONTO – Ahead of the Ontario Liberals’ leadership debate in Toronto, the Ontario PC Party released the following statement:

“After two straight elections of failing to win official party status, the leaderless Liberals are doubling down on saying NO. No to building homes and key infrastructure. No to keeping costs down. No to building a stronger economy with better jobs and bigger paycheques.

“Bonnie Crombie has abandoned her city as mayor and missed critical votes to build more homes. Her record on building homes is abysmal. She said NO at every turn, and now Mississauga is failing to build its fair share of homes.

“Yasir Naqvi wants to continue the Wynne Liberals’ legacy of saying NO to good-paying jobs, as he advocates for higher taxes, fewer jobs, smaller paycheques, and less opportunities for workers and their families.

“Nate Erskine-Smith is saying NO to public safety and will roll back our government’s efforts to support our police services and put more boots on the ground, putting the safety of our communities at further risk.

“Ted Hsu is saying NO to nuclear power, risking blackouts and brownouts and putting his own ideology over the wellbeing of Ontario families.

“These Liberal candidates can agree on one thing. They’ll keep saying NO to keeping costs down by imposing a carbon tax that makes everything more expensive—which every single leadership candidate supports.

“Let’s be clear: It’s not whether they support a carbon tax, but how high they would make it.

“Ontario can’t afford another harmful NDP-Liberal coalition.

“Under their watch, they chased away 300,000 good-paying manufacturing jobs, levied a painful carbon tax, closed 600 schools, and built less than 700 long-term care beds across the entire province.

“Only our Ontario PC team will continue to get it done by building highways and transit, cutting red tape and lowering taxes that have helped businesses create 700,000 new jobs and counting, and keeping costs down for families across the province.”


Media Inquiries:

Zachary Zarnett-Klein

Director of Communications, Ontario PC Party

[email protected]  

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