Moving One Step Closer to Becoming a World Leading Digital Jurisdiction

Ontario’s first ever digital and data strategy will help keep Ontarians safe and secure online, while mobilizing new opportunities for economic growth in a more connected world

Ontarians expect and deserve access to vital programs and services digitally, at their fingertips, with unprecedented speed and convenience.

That’s why our PC government is creating the province’s first-ever Digital and Data Strategy, Building a Digital Ontario to give the people of Ontario more convenient, reliable and accessible services, now and for years to come, and help the province become a world leading digital jurisdiction.

Building a Digital Ontario will help ensure that the people of Ontario are:

  • Equipped to succeed — Ontarians will have the skills and access to participate and work in a digital world
  • Safe and Secure — people will trust that their privacy is protected, and they are safe when they interact or do business online
  • Connected — Ontarians will have access to the data they need to make good decisions for their health, education, life and business
  • Supported — people will enjoy convenient, reliable and accessible citizen-centred services that are available when and where they need them

It is our plan to keep Ontarians safe, secure, connected and supported online, while mobilizing new opportunities for economic growth in a more connected world.

Building a Digital Ontario responds directly to feedback gathered from people and businesses on their digital and data priorities over two years of consultations, and will provide greater focus on protecting online privacy and data rights and on promoting online security. The strategy builds on the work we have done to rapidly expand access to online services, innovate and harness the power of technology to shape the future of government service delivery, support Ontario’s economic recovery and help drive future growth.

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