New Interim Leader, Same Old NDP

TORONTO, ON, June 29, 2022 – With Peter Tabuns as the interim leader of the Official Opposition, Ontarians are getting more of the same from the NDP.

As a city councillor in Toronto, Peter Tabuns said NO to a housing proposal that would have built 4,000 homes, including 1,500 attainable homes. It’s clear ​that with this latest leader of the Official Opposition, the NDP will continue to say NO to building more homes ​for more Ontarians.

Unfortunately, the one thing that Peter Tabuns will say YES to is more costs and tax hikes. As a city councillor, the new NDP​ leader loved to support higher ​costs for Toronto families. He tried to increase parking rates in Toronto, adding more costs for drivers across the Greater Toronto Area, and he tried to tax home brewed beer, siding with multinational beer corporations instead​ of everyday Ontarians.

The NDP had a chance to pick an interim leader that would say YES to getting things done, to keeping costs down​ for families, and to building Ontario. Instead, they chose a​ new leader who ​is the same old NDP.

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