Protecting Critical Public Services

Investing $764 million to assist municipalities with the cost of land ambulance operations

Our PC government is working with its municipal partners to build strong, thriving communities and making significant, additional investments to enhance and protect the critical public services Ontarians rely on everyday.

At the 2022 Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) conference in Ottawa, the PC government announced nearly $764 million in funding to assist municipalities with the cost of land ambulance operations. This represents an average increase of five per cent provincially compared to 2021-22 funding levels.

We’re also expanding patient care models for eligible 9-1-1 patients to provide them timely access to appropriate treatment in the community and help reduce unnecessary emergency department visits. This includes expanding these models to different patient groups, such as people with diabetes and epilepsy, and implement a new treat and release model with recommendations to patients for appropriate follow-up care.

We’ll continue to work shoulder to shoulder with our municipal partners to deliver a stronger health system, world class transportation infrastructure and attainable housing for all Ontarians.

The people of Ontario are counting on all levels of government to come together and get it done for them.

The Ontario PC Party is pleased to announce the nomination of Sergeant Peter Wiesner as candidate in the upcoming Hamilton Centre by-election.

For 22 years, Pete has served Hamilton as an officer of the Hamilton Police Service, including as Supervising Sergeant of the Crisis Response Branch since 2019. In this role, Pete has worked with community partners specializing in a co-response model to service those dealing with homeless, addiction and mental health crisis. In 2022, Pete was instrumental […]

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Bringing Back GO Service 365 Days a Year to Niagara

Year-round weekend GO rail service to Niagara will unlock access to world-class tourist destination and spur economic growth We’re taking another step in our plan to fight gridlock by delivering more frequent GO rail service across the Greater Golden Horseshoe. Our PC government is bringing back year-round weekend GO rail service between Union Station and […]

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Enhancing Public Safety

Hiring 123 new correctional officers as part of its plan to transform adult correctional services and improve public safety Our PC government continues to strengthen Ontario’s justice system. Today, we were pleased to announce that we’re hiring 123 new correctional officers as part of our plan to transform adult correctional services and improve public safety. […]

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