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Remember life under Kathleen Wynne? Steven Del Duca wants to take you back.

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Andrea Horwath is a politician that says one thing, and does another.

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Stop the Shutdown of Line 5!

The Governor of Michigan has ordered Enbridge to shut down its Line 5 pipeline. A shutdown of Line 5 will have consequences impacting each and every Canadian.

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Stand With Us

We know that these are very challenging times for many Ontarians. That’s why Doug Ford and our PC Caucus is working day and night to safeguard Ontarians’ health and help all those impacted by COVID-19.

Secure Our Borders

If the federal government won’t secure our borders from this threat, our PC government will.

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Stand With Our Veterans

Sign our petition if you stand with us on prohibiting any employer from banning their staff from wearing a poppy during Remembrance Week.

Supporting Merit Based Teacher Hiring

Nearly a decade ago, the Liberals imposed a hiring policy (Regulation 274) that led to the hiring of teachers exclusively on seniority.

We must prioritize merit over seniority and scrap Regulation 274. Add your name to the petition if you support this common sense approach.

Expanding Natural Gas Access

Natural gas is a safe, reliable, and lower-cost heating fuel that will lead to cheaper home heating costs for families and more investment for businesses throughout the province. That’s why our PC government is expanding natural gas to more communities in North Bay.

Do you stand with us to further expand the access to natural gas?

Creating Jobs in Northern Ontario

The new Côté Gold Mine will propel economic recovery forward in the region and is a prime example of how we’re helping businesses grow by cutting red tape and removing regulatory roadblocks, without cost to taxpayers.

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