Stan Cho



Stan Cho is the MPP for Willowdale and Ontario’s Associate Minister of Transportation. He proudly holds the distinction of being the first Canadian-born person of Korean decent to hold public office in Canada and is proud of his Korean-Canadian heritage. Born in Rexdale and raised in Willowdale, Stan understands the pressing needs of our community, from transit expansion and fixing school overcrowding to supporting small businesses and keeping our neighbourhood safe.

Stan holds a degree in Philosophy from the University of Toronto. He began his career in a low-level position for Mercedes Benz where he worked his way up to become one of their auditors. It was during this time that Stan travelled extensively throughout Ontario to communities large and small. In 2012, he joined his family’s real estate business and worked as an agent for 15 years before taking over as broker and general manager.

Elected in 2018, Stan first served as the Parliamentary Assistant to the President of the Treasury Board and to the Minister of Finance, before being appointed to Cabinet. Stan is an active member of the Willowdale community, where he supports a number of local organizations including food banks, children’s advocacy groups, cultural organizations and centres for homeless youth.